December 2, 2022


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9 Easy, Printable Thanksgiving Crafts and Decorations

Thanksgiving is one such day that reminds us to be humble and grateful for everything we have. Even if we are short on time and means, we can still create a fabulous Thanksgiving experience for everyone around us with whatever we have.

Do not believe me? We will show you nine easy ways to start crafting your Thanksgiving day event from your mobile phone. All you need is the print from Android mobile application on your smartphone that you can connect wirelessly to your printer, and you will start printing some beautiful printable Thanksgiving crafts and decorations.

Since there are many free printable decorations available on the internet, it is not only economical, but these printable decorations are easy to customize as well. You can even do a lot of work when you are traveling, like selecting the printables and downloading them on your device while you are on the go. It can save you a lot of hustling around too.

Once you have finished downloading your favorite printables, you need to connect your mobile device to your Epson printer wirelessly through the Epson print service Android application and give the print order from your smartphone. The print from Android mobile applications works invariably well with most other printers such as HP, Brother, Canon, etc.

Some Astonishing Thanksgiving Craft Ideas

Here are some creative ways you can use your smartphone to print some beautiful crafts to welcome Thanksgiving day.

  1. Hang Your Thanksgiving Crafts on Walls

If you are short of time, this is a quick-fix Thanksgiving craft you can readily download and print from your Android mobile. Just hover around the designs and banners you like, download them on your mobile, and print them.

You can hang these wall banners in your home, and they will spruce up your living area with the mesmerizing aura of the festival. There are various design templates available for such wall banners. They also include print options in portrait or landscape mode.

  1. Place Card Decors on Dining Table

Thanksgiving dinner is an integral part of the celebration. Adding a few festive place card decors to the dining table can make it more fun and meaningful. Find some simple ready-to-use place cards on the internet. Just download them and print them from your smartphone.

These place card designs and templates are free to download and can be personalized with the name of the guests on them. Add warmth to the dining hour by placing these meaningful and fun-filled place cards on the table.

  1. Printable Gratitude Cards

Do you want to let your near and dear ones know how grateful you are for them to be a part of your life? Thanksgiving is the best opportunity to be thankful to our loved ones.

You can download and take a printout of the thank you cards for Thanksgiving from your smartphone using the print from Android smartphone application. You can personalize the cards with a special note or handwriting the name of the person on them before you send out the cards.

  1. Kids’ Turkey Coloring Pages

Thanksgiving is more fun for the kids when they get involved in the holiday mood with some festive and creative activities. You can get your kids some beautiful turkey coloring pages to fill the colors in them.

These coloring pages are available in plentiful variety, styles, and designs in Thanksgiving themes. Print these from your smartphone’s print app for Canon or any other printer of your choice, and get a massive bundle of crayons. Your kids will stay busy, happy, and thankful the entire day.

  1. Fall Leaves and Wreaths

Senior citizens in your house can feel the warmth of the change in season. You can get some beautiful real-looking printable fall leaves and hang them on your wall for thanksgiving decorations. The colors in them look magnificently mesmerizing and practically natural.

If you print out the wreaths and hang them on your doors, they look as complete and adorable as they can be. Your guests will find them welcoming when you usher them in.

  1. Printable Wine Tags

These tags contain a few thankful notes and can be hung around the wine bottles. Whether the wine is for the Thanksgiving dinner or is a farewell gift to your guests, the tags will serve as a beautiful thanksgiving reminder.

  1. Printable Games and Fun Activities

Your kids will find it enjoyable to engage in some fun activities during Thanksgiving. You can surf the internet and choose from many printable Thanksgiving theme games. When you have chosen one, print it, and you have ensured to keep your kids entertained for a long time with these simple yet engaging activities.

  1. Printable Art for Paint Gourds

You probably carved out pumpkins for Halloween. That does not restrict you from painting a few Thanksgiving gourds. A popular fun activity during Thanksgiving is to paint a gourd all white and then decorate it with some printable art and thank you messages. It serves as a perfect table decor too.

  1. Pie Slice Boxes

You get plenty of beautiful pumpkin pie-slice box design templates in PDF format for free to download and print from Android mobile phones. There are a lot of customizable Thanksgiving messages printed on them. They have proper cut-out lines drawn, and you have to follow the instructions, and your Thanksgiving pies will have a beautiful home.

Give Thanks to The Smart Way

Where there is a will, there is always a way. We only need to figure out how to have the best out of the things we have. Celebrate this Thanksgiving with some fabulous crafts available for you to download and print from your smartphone’s print from Android application. It is fun, easy, and smart. Thanks to the new age technology.