January 29, 2023


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Best Tips for Fast-Growing Eyelashes

Your eyes are the prominent and spotlight profile feature, expressing your inner facts. The eyes play a major role in human existence. 

Your eyes deserve to be kept luxuriously, and magnifying your eyelashes is also a part of this whole process. Some are born with attractive and long lashes whereas some are exploring tips and tricks for how to get healthy and thick lashes.

People usually search for solutions for enhancing their beauty naturally. Here are some tried and tested tips that you can use for healthy, thick, and strengthened long lashes. Before jumping into that section, you need to know the prominence of eyelashes.

Importance of Eyelashes

Your eyelashes can inspire your inner and outer beauty as well as some sense of uniqueness, and provide the first line of protection to your fragile eyes. Eyelashes are specifically designed to disallow dirt and dust during building a shield as opposed to ecological substances like air dust and rain.

When your eyes are open, your eyelashes operate like a strainer which can help to block dust and small particles coming to your graceful eyes. While closing your eyes, lashes are structured as in more protection fighting from outside irritation. 

Fluttering eyes is the most important mechanism for lashes, it may assist to nourish and guard the inner side of your eyes against any kind of unnecessary dangers. Eyelashes already have a spontaneous and automated reaction then, so why is it difficult to use mascara at the same time? The reason behind this is, lashes are connected to the brain nerve and they get signals while attacking any kind of threat. 

Here are some natural ingredients you should follow for growing eyelashes in no time:

  1. Coconut Oil

Applying coconut oil for any hair-related issue has been going on since ancient times. Coconut oil is used in hair care for stimulating follicles and locking the protein. This is the reason it might help heal, decrease, and harm eyelashes for hair growth. 

Coconut Oil carries 80-90 percent saturated fat and 100 percent fat, lauric acid, a fatty acid that is the best for lash conditioner and also provides healthy, thicker, and nourished lashes.

  1. Castor Oil

The key element present in castor oil is Ricinoleic Acid which makes a good eyelash moisturizer with effective outcomes of stimulating hair growth. 

For best results, apply castor oil along with some cotton pads before use. Make sure your eyes are clear with water or cleanser, and dip the cotton pad in castor oil, and apply your upper and lower lashes. Stay with this overnight and clean it off the next morning.

  1. Vitamin E

Whenever we talk about hair growth or regrowth, you often hear the name vitamin E. Vitamin E is enriched with high properties of antioxidants that can work as the best lash conditioner. It also decreases the level of oxidative harm caused by improving lashes. Vitamin E carries a tocotrienol element which is beneficial to expanding the number of hair stands. It can be applied to eyelashes too.

  1.  Green Tea

Green tea contains polyphenols also known as epigallocatechin-3-gallate  (EGCG), which can assist to improve hair growth. Green tea has the goodness of vitamin B which helps to strengthen your lash’s cuticles.

You can follow this method for quick results, you will require 1 green tea bag or 1 teaspoon of green tea leaves and a cup of hot water, blend these two things, filter that mixture, and drink it, you can cool down before having it, also take a cotton pad dip into the drink and apply your upper and lower lashes as well.

  1. Petroleum Jelly  (Vaseline) 

Vaseline or petroleum jelly can nourish your eyelashes and make your eyelashes glossy and luscious. Vaseline also removes eyelash mites and keeps hygiene.

Take some petroleum jelly along with some cotton pads, apply it on your both eyelashes, leave it overnight and cleanse with water in the morning. Make sure while applying vaseline on your eyelashes to maintain some distance from the inner side of your eye.

6.  Olive Oil

Olive oil is a great source of stimulating hair growth, it contains phenolic acid known as oleuropein, this oleuropein is specifically designed for improving hair growth, thus  might be helpful for eyelashes.

You only have to take 3-4 drops of olive oil on a cotton swab, apply it on the upper and lower lash, and stay with this for 5-10 minutes, after that wash it off with warm water.

7. Shea Butter

Another ingredient that might be helpful for the growth of eyelashes is shea butter. It has the goodness of vitamin C along with antioxidants and anti- provocative effects. Shea butter has vitamin C which can energize collagen production, for this reason, shea butter assists in promoting lash follicles, increasing lash stands, and improving growth levels.

For this instant growth, take some shea butter massage with your fingers and apply it to the upper and lower layers of your lashes. 

Wrapping Up

These are the remedies you can use for massive lash growth along with the glossier, thicker, and stronger outcome, Still, if you need something that belongs from cosmetic items more than remedies then you can explore the MD Factor website, they have a huge range of products for best lash conditioner. So no more lash extensions and say yes to natural lash growth.