December 7, 2022


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WiSA DS & WiSA E Are Making Wireless Home Theater A Reality

Just one of the difficulties with setting up a home theater technique is all the wires necessary to connect the speakers. Having said that, WiSA Technological know-how gives a wireless link answer for all your speakers in a house theater setup, tremendously lowering wire litter. 

WiSA Overview

WiSA (Wireless Speaker and Audio Association) was formed in 2011 as a trade group supported by member providers. The group develops and coordinates know-how, implementation standards, sales schooling, and marketing of wi-fi house theater audio goods, which now incorporate TVs, soundbars, and speakers. 

WiSA tests and certifies merchandise designed by its member brand names to guarantee regular requirements for wireless large-resolution, multi-channel, small latency, compatibility, robustness, and relieve of use so that products carrying the WiSA label get the job done seamlessly alongside one another. 

Member Brands incorporate Bang & Olufsen, Klipsch, Harman Kardon, Axiim, Platin, Enclave Audio, Sound United, and more… WiSA also provides retailer assistance

For much more track record data on WiSA which includes core technical specs and products certification, refer to our post: What Is WiSA? What You Will need To Know And How It Functions

WiSA HT (Residence Theater)

The main WiSA category is labeled WiSA HT, which employs an exterior transmitter (or hub) that may possibly hook up to a Tv via HDMI-ARC/eARC, Digital Optical, or USB Relationship. 

The transmitter may possibly appear as section of a WiSA-licensed wireless home theater speaker package or come as a separate device (this kind of as the WiSA SoundSend$179 at Amazon) that can be utilized with any brand name of WiSA-qualified speakers. 

WiSA Soundsend Device App

WiSA HT supports up to 8 channels of audio (for Dolby Atmos which indicates up to a 5.1.2 channel set up) and operates in the 5Ghz transmission band. 

An example of WiSA HT implementation is the not too long ago unveiled Platin Audio Monaco 5.1.2 WiSA Property Theater Process ($1,499.00). The procedure arrives packaged with a WiSA SoundSend transmitter and a Dolby Atmos speaker process. 

Platin Audio Monaco 5.1.2 WiSA Wireless Speaker System
LG OLED TV with WiSA SoundSend

Also, the two Hisense and LG are utilizing WiSA HT on select TVs by means of WiSA SoundSend certification.  

On the other hand, in a strategic go WiSA has announced two added technology choices that it will be licensing to intrigued item brand names. 

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WiSA DS (Discrete Technique)

Introduced earlier in 2022, WiSA has made a decision to target this technological know-how for use with Soundbars. WiSA DS offers soundbar makers the potential to make soundbars that incorporate WiSA technological innovation for quick implementation of wi-fi encompass speakers and subwoofers. 

This can acquire the form of a comprehensive deal that arrives with the soundbar, wi-fi speakers, or subwoofer, or just the soundbar with the selection for including wi-fi surround speakers and/or subwoofer at a afterwards date with small set up required. 

WiSA HT Home Theater

DS supports up to 8 channels of audio (for Dolby Atmos which means up to a 5.1.2 channel setup) and operates in the 2.4Ghz transmission band. 

The soundbar connects to the Television by way of HDMI-ARC or eARC, or yet another selected audio connection. With the soundbar’s WiSA DS capabilities developed-in, it can, in change, mail surround seem and bass audio out to wi-fi external speakers and/or subwoofer.

The soundbar will detect the existence of the speakers and/or subwoofer and figure out their spot and distance. The only wired requirement is the wireless speakers and subwoofer do have to have to be plugged into electric power. 

WiSA E (Embedded)


This application is designed for use with TVs. WiSA E is even far more easy than working with a WiSA DS soundbar as WiSA E know-how can be embedded in the Television. 

This suggests that no external soundbar or AV receiver requires to be physically connected to the Tv set via HDMI-ARC/eARC or other wired audio link. You just order a WiSA-licensed speaker program of any model, plug them into electricity and the Television set will quickly detect their existence, locale, and distance and make the desired adjustments for audio enjoyment. 

WiSA E supports up to 10 audio channels (for Dolby Atmos which indicates up to 5.1.4 channel set up) and operates on the 5Ghz transmission band.  

Suggestion: WiSA DS and WiSA E each support Dolby Atmos and other Spatial Audio formats as established by the product or service maker. 

WiSA DS and E Availability Timeline

WiSA is currently delivering confined demonstrations to traders and associates but is anticipated to have fuller demos at the 2023 CES in January, with merchandise expected to present up on store cabinets before the conclude of that calendar year. 

We are definitely searching ahead to viewing, listening to, and reviewing some of these forthcoming WiSA DS and E products and solutions. 

Will this make classic wired home theater methods redundant in the in close proximity to long term?

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It could definitely be a positive move in that route.

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