December 7, 2022


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WTF is Dolby Atmos Music (aka Spatial Audio)?

Dolby Atmos is a encompass seem structure which gives the means to posture appears in exact factors in house all close to and above the listener. As opposed to regular channel-centered surround seem, Dolby Atmos makes use of audio “objects” which may possibly have spatial coordinates that are set in room, or go via the virtual soundstage.

At playback, a Dolby Atmos method renders and maps these sound objects along with the common surround seem channel “bed” to the precise speaker configuration of the space in order to make a thoroughly immersive and participating surround audio encounter for the listener.

Even though Dolby Atmos was very first released in 2012 for flicks, the structure has become preferred in the tunes marketplace, way too. Dolby Atmos encoding can now be found on 1000’s of audio tracks, such as new releases from big artists as properly as remixed versions of formerly launched tunes.

Dolby Atmos is also termed “immersive sound,” “3D audio” and “spatial audio.” Notice that immersive audio, 3D audio and spatial audio can consist of other formats this kind of as Sony’s 360 Fact Audio, DTS:X and AURO-3D. But Dolby Atmos is presently the most well-liked and the most greatly utilized immersive encompass seem format.

Dolby Atmos height modules bounce sound of the ceiling for height effects.
Dolby Atmos supports upward-firing reflective speakers to crank out seem from previously mentioned. Several soundbars and speakers use this engineering to create completely immersive encompass audio from less speaker cabinets.

Dolby Atmos employs the same encoding and formatting for songs and flicks, but “Dolby Atmos Songs” is a well-liked way of referring to the structure as it is utilised in music recording and playback. Dolby Atmos Songs can be seasoned around headphones (to a sure extent), but in our encounter, the immersive result is much extra enjoyable and realistic above speakers.

Deadmau5 mixes in Dolby Atmos
Electronic/Household audio artist and producer deadmau5 mixes songs in Dolby Atmos mainly because it delivers him additional creative flexibility than a normal stereo mix. Impression courtesy of Dolby.

Dolby Atmos Tunes can be enjoyed making use of Dolby Atmos-suitable receivers, speakers and soundbars. It has even started demonstrating up in car audio units. The key to an effective Dolby Atmos New music playback system is the skill of the process to reproduce sound from all instructions: in entrance of, beside, behind and previously mentioned the listener. For simplicity of installation, numerous Dolby Atmos speaker devices and soundbars use just one or a lot more upward-going through speakers to bounce seem off the ceiling. This presents the listener the working experience of seem coming from previously mentioned, with no requiring bodily speakers be mounted into the ceiling.

Some speakers and soundbars use a system termed “virtualization” in an attempt to fool the mind into imagining that audio is coming from a number of places, when it is really coming from just one or two speaker cabinets. In our experience, these techniques are constrained in their immersive effect and do not look at nicely to real speakers placed in distinctive parts of the room.

In order to working experience Dolby Atmos Tunes, you will need a streaming company that supports the structure. Presently, Apple Tunes, TIDAL and Amazon Music all assistance Dolby Atmos Audio and all offer you 1000’s of tracks encoded in Dolby Atmos across a broad assortment of genres.

For specifics on what style of components you’ll want to look at out Dolby Atmos Audio in your very own residence, check out out our tutorial:


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